Pre-Tournament: Lake Tetonka & Lake Sakatah

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Brand New Year, Brand New Lake!

This Sunday, June 2nd, the Minnesota Bass Tour will open up our 9th season on the southern bass factories of Lake Tetonka and Lake Sakatah. Once again this year, we continue our tradition of fishing new bodies of water with the goal of making us better fisherman rather than repeating the same lakes year over year.

Lake Tetonka is being presented by Quantum Fishing, a generous and select Platinum sponsor of Minnesota Bass Tour.

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Last Cast Wins 2018 Team of Year!

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Gull Lake TOC Concludes 2018 – Presented by Blackfish Gear

The end of year Tournament of Champions (“TOC”) is the most anticipated event of the MN Bass Tour season due to it being the only 2 day event of the year and as a result, factors heavily in crowning the Blackfish Team of the Year.

Specifically, teams attending the weekend event accumulate Team of the Year points for BOTH days. The end result: an exciting finish as teams charge towards the coveted honor by patterning an outstate body of water.

This year was no different on Gull Lake and the Tournament of Champions presented by Blackfish Gear.

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Gull Lake Day 1 Results Posted

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Day 1 on Gull Lake TOC is in the Books!

The Minnesota Bass Tour Tournament of Champions on Gull Lake sponsored by Blackfish Gear has wrapped up for Day 1. Yesterday’s pre-fishing day resulted in most teams filling their limits with little challenge. Storms rolling through central Minnesota and the Brainerd lakes area over night drew pause from anglers on how patterns would change and whether they would bite as well as Friday.

Long story short: the bass still bit.

While the word on the street that it was 85 degrees back home in the twin cities at 9am, anglers experienced a fog that rolled in at 7:00 and lasted all they way through the noon hour. Temps for most of that time were in the comfortable mid-70’s.

Anglers returned back to Craguns resort at 3:00pm for the weigh-in with anticipation not only for winning the two day tourney but also how the team of the year would shake out.

Day 1 Results – Presented by Blackfish Gear

Flippin’ Ain’t Easy once again showed how they love these end of year tourneys, historically placing near the top or winning them in the past. Rob Bolke and Nate Whithed nabbed the weekend lead with 18.30 and the Day 1 Big Bass, a 5.25 lb largemouth. In 2nd place was The Bassassins (Dan Krocak, Jim Krocak) with 16.75 lbs and the second largest bass of 4.80 lbs. In 3rd was Last Cast (Paul Hecht, Mark Wessel) with 16.10 lbs.

Team of the Year Standings

Unique to the Minnesota Bass Tour, we accumulate Team of the Year points on both days of this weekend. With taking 3rd place today, Last Cast broke the tie they had with Roboworm (Dan Cochran, Bill Linaugh). Here’s the current standings going into the last day of the year!
66 pts | Last Cast (Paul Hecht, Mark Wessel)
61 pts | Roboworm (Dan Cochran, Bill Linaugh)
60 pts | The DDs (Dane Dornbush, Dan Lindahl)
58 pts | Flippin’ Ain’t Easy (Rob Bolke, Aaron Schmoldt)

Check out the results by clicking here.

Day 2 – 2018 Finale of the Minnesota Bass Tour

Stay tune for tomorrow’s exciting conclusion up here on Gull Lake where we award the 2018 Team of the Year!


Pre-Tournament: Gull Lake TOC presented by Blackfish Gear

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Ending the Season with an Exciting Team of the Year Race!

It’s the grand finale of this year’s MN Bass Tour and the conclusion of our 8th season brings us to Gull Lake located in the Brainerd area! This year’s Tournament of Champions on Gull is presented by Blackfish Gear.

The weekend promises to excite as we have a tie for first place between Roboworm and Last Cast at 54 points. Not far behind is The DD’s (50 pts), and numerous teams in the 40+ point ranges!  With each day counting for points, truly any team has a legitimate shot of taking the Team of the Year race with those winners getting a new Blackfish Rain Gear set and various tackle prizes from Quantum and other manufacturers!!

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Last Cast Takes Minnetonka and Ties for Team of the Year Lead!

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8th Season and 8th Visit to Minnetonka

The Minnesota Bass Tour wrapped up its last regular season tournament this past Sunday on Lake Minnetonka! The tournament, presented by Denali Fishing Rods, was met with excitement by anglers as we blasted off to a beautiful smoke-hazed sunrise from Lake Minnetonka Regional Park. This was the 8th time we have fished this lake and once again presented a day of learning and new experiences!

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