Pre-Tournament: Gull Lake TOC presented by Blackfish Gear

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Ending the Season with an Exciting Team of the Year Race!

It’s the grand finale of this year’s MN Bass Tour and the conclusion of our 8th season brings us to Gull Lake located in the Brainerd area! This year’s Tournament of Champions on Gull is presented by Blackfish Gear.

The weekend promises to excite as we have a tie for first place between Roboworm and Last Cast at 54 points. Not far behind is The DD’s (50 pts), and numerous teams in the 40+ point ranges!  With each day counting for points, truly any team has a legitimate shot of taking the Team of the Year race with those winners getting a new Blackfish Rain Gear set and various tackle prizes from Quantum and other manufacturers!!

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Pre-Tournament: Lake Minnetonka

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Ummm…. August Already?

It’s well into August and that means we’re approaching the final regular season tournament of the 2018 season! Sheesh, we have ripped through the first 4 events and even I feel like the first event on Rush Lake was only yesterday!

This Sunday, August 12th, we are going back to Lake Minnetonka presented by Denali Rods.   Continue Reading →


Pre-Tournament: Mississippi River (Wabasha)

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The Mississippi River Tournament presented by Spro Sports Professionals!

Summer is flying by and as it would be, we are already in the second half of the season!

Tourney #4 brings us back to the Mississippi River but this time launching out of the city of Wabasha. With the region having some big time rain over the past month, river conditions may be slightly faster and backwater areas slightly “sloppier.” Whether its the smallmouth or largemouth bass that are Continue Reading →


“Tiller Boats Dominate” on Coon Lake!

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Revisiting where the Tour First Started!

The third tourney on Coon Lake was presented by Jason Mitchell Elite Series rods with winners to be awarded these fine rods along with the usual cash prizes.

As stated in the pre-tourney notice, the Minnesota Bass Tour hasn’t visited this body of water since our first-ever event 8 years ago and the results back then weren’t anything overly impressive. As the day approached, anglers weren’t expecting much different from that event given the pressure the lake has received, Continue Reading →


Pre-Tournament: Coon Lake

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The Coon Lake Tournament presented by Jason Mitchell Elite Series Rods!

For those that like trivia, here’s a question:

Name the body of water that held the first-ever MN Bass Tour tourney when it began 8 seasons ago.

Well, I suppose not a tough question given the post’s title, but to answer, it is indeed Coon Lake!

Tourney #3 brings us to this northern Anoka county lake where “The Tour” all began. Continue Reading →

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