Pre-Tournament: Lake Minnetonka

August 9, 2018
Jim Krocak

Ummm…. August Already?

It’s well into August and that means we’re approaching the final regular season tournament of the 2018 season! Sheesh, we have ripped through the first 4 events and even I feel like the first event on Rush Lake was only yesterday!

This Sunday, August 12th, we are going back to Lake Minnetonka presented by Denali Rods.  Here’s a lake that the Minnesota Bass Tour has the most experience on as it’s been on the schedule each season since 2011. First place winners will be taking home a new fishing rod and you all can check out Danali’s vast selection of some of the coolest bass fighting sticks as the Fission, Attax Series, Lithium, and Kovert LT models by going to their website!

Simply stated, our experience has always been unique: dynamic weather changes, early season tight lipped bites, laying into the signature milfoil bite, and of course, always the wonder of how close a jet skier will get to us as we are mid-cast. Lake Minnetonka always has your head on a swivel for it’s wonder, recreational activity and awesome fishing structure!

That being said, despite all the distractions, no one has reportedly fell out of their boat from the large wakes produced by yachts…yet.

If your curious about our past weights, check out the historical catch experience on Tonka by clicking here.

Team of the Year Race

The Team of the Year race is still very much up in the air!

Team Roboworm of Dan Cochran and Bill Linaugh started their year with a 1st place win on the aforementioned Rush Lake chain and have been dancing around the top spot since the early season. They currently sit atop with 42 points.

However, there is very little separation between them and the rest of the field! In fact, the separation from the entire 14 team field is the closest it’s been at this time of year as it has been for any season!

What does that mean? Competition at it’s finest.

One first place finish for any team not near the top and a stumble by anyone near that top group could easily turn the rankings upside-down from where they are today! Love the excitement!

Here’s the schedule, lake details and ease-off order:

Tournament #5: Lake Minnetonka

Date-Time: Sunday, August 12    |    6:00am – 2:00pm

Launch & Weigh-in Locations  (Google Maps Link).
Launch: Lake Minnetonka Regional Park (Three Rivers Park System) – Park Entrance Pass is $6 
Weigh-in: South side of Wawatosa Island which is located just north of the Regional Park Launch.

Speed Limit: Note that Minnetonka has a 40 mph speed limit.

Ease-off Order 
1. Team StrikeForce (Aaron Grefsrud, Derek Jacobson)
2. Team Roboworm (Dan Cochran, Billy Linaugh)
3. DD’s (Dane Dornbush, Dan Lindahl)
4. Silver Lining (Jeremie Larson, Bruce Larson)
5. Gotta Have More Cowbell (Jesse Larson, Rocky Novak)
6. The Bass Whisperers (Luke Wrubel, sub – Loren Jannet)
7. Flippin’ Ain’t Easy (Rob Bolke, Aaron Schmoldt)
8. Last Cast (Paul Hecht, Mark Wessel)
9. Rocks & Docks (Chad Griggs, Derek Griggs)
10. Shake N’ Bake (Lucas Matzke, Derek Born)
11. Team TBD (Phil Krohn, Eric Tanberg)
12. The Bassassins (Dan Krocak, Jim Krocak)
13. PentaBass (Jared Simons, Mike Dippel)
14. The Money Shot (Jared Tidd, Jaxson Tidd)

As has been for each tournament this year, the team with the Big Bass will receive $100 cash and apparel prizes from Blackfish Gear. The second biggest bass will get some cash too along with All-Terrain Tackle packs! And packs of Big Bite Baits will be awarded to the “Better Luck Next Time” 4th place team!

Other Tourney Notes

Safe Handling of Bass: As a reminder, the MN Bass Tour will uphold the safe care and release of bass. If tournament directors observe any careless handling of bass, that team’s bag will be disqualified for that tournament. It’s warm water now so we encourage the monitoring of live well water for the Tonka beasts. Also, all bass will be quickly placed back in livewells and moved away from shore for release in deeper water.

Tournament Subs: Below are identified subs, if others are going to require a sub, please notify tournament directors.

  • Team – Loren Jannet will be subbing for Jeremy Abbott.

Good Luck this weekend on Lake Minnetonka!

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